Secrets and practical tips to safely disinfect your mattress, eliminate mites and stains that are difficult to remove and sleep in a clean and safe environment for your health.


It is the positive lead where we spend every night, which welcomes us after hard days of work and helps us to recharge our energies to perfection: we are talking about the mattress, the most important object to guarantee excellent sleep quality. When you buy a mattress, the actions that are usually carried out are contained in its seasonal change, turning it to the side, or in the application of mattress covers specific to its size. Cleaning mattresses is essential for our health, and knowing how to clean a mattress can avoid health problems, as well as dirt.

Why is it Important to Clean the Mattress?

On the mattress, day after day, elements potentially harmful to our well-being are deposited: mites, dust, bacteria and more, which can compromise both the quality of our rest and cause serious allergic reactions. This is why disinfecting the mattress is essential, and it is an operation that should be carried out at least once a month independently. Once in a while, however, it would be advisable to contact a cleaning company for mattress cleaning Sydney and deep sanitation, impossible to perform without the help of an expert and adequate equipment.

Let’s find out below how to sanitize your mattress in the best possible way, eliminating dead mites and more.

Natural Products: the Best Allies

When you decide to wash your mattress, you may think that opting for professional products is the best solution. The best allies for cleaning the mattress are already inside the house, and it is possible to use them with some tricks. In addition to a preliminary suction with an electric broom or vacuum cleaner, a foolproof product to remove stains from the mattress and sanitize it profoundly is simple bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate can be used both dry and dissolved in water, concretely helping to fight unsightly difficult stains such as those of blood, mould and other secretions.

Let’s Take Action: How to Deep Clean the Mattress

If there is bicarbonate in the house, it is advisable to use it dry, sprinkling the mattress and leaving it to act for an internal day; or dissolve it in a jug of water and, with the help of a sprayer, slightly moisten everything. In this way, the mattress will be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. Other very valid remedies are lemon and vinegar, which combined help to make deep and rooted stains disappear. Easily available in herbalists and specialty stores, even tea tree essential oil is perfect for scenting the surface of the mattress, helping to fight the return of dust mites.

Counteract the Return of Mites

Finding out how to clean the mattress is certainly easy, and it is important to have the consistency to repeat this operation at least once a month. To counteract the presence of mites, for example, it is advisable to thoroughly dust every surface of the bedroom, passing the vacuum cleaner every day even on the floors. Problems with insomnia, cough and dermatitis could derive precisely from the excessive presence of mites, which can also settle in the pillows and padded covers of the bed. In addition to cleaning, opening the bedroom for at least half an hour a day is also a real cure-all, since low temperatures can kill a good percentage of allergens present in the mattress.