After rearranging the furniture in the room, traces of its legs remain on the carpet. Long-pile carpets, on which the slightest surface defects are noticeable, are especially affected by heavy objects. No need to change expensive products for new ones. To restore an attractive look to the interior, it is enough to remove the dent on the carpet at home.

The choice of how to treat your carpet depends on the tools at hand. Their effectiveness differs depending on the pile material, the nature and the extent of the wrinkle. Short pile carpets are easy to repair if too heavy objects have not destroyed the pile structure. The same applies to natural embossed carpets, which practically do not wrinkle. Their surface has to be levelled only after exposure to heavy furniture with thin legs.

You can remove a dent on a carpet in the following ways:

  • With ice Cubes. This simple and effective method should be carefully applied to viscose carpets. Their fibres lose their shape and stretch when exposed to moisture. Its essence is to prepare ice cubes in the freezer and put them on the traces of furniture legs. The ice should be left alone until it gradually turns into water. After that, the carpet (especially viscose) must be thoroughly dried. After the ice has melted, remove the water with a clean cloth or paper towel. You can also use napkins or even toilet paper. The bottom line is that melting ice gradually wets the pile, softening it. Next comes an impromptu table-fork comb, perfect for combing wet, soft bristles. After that, it remains only to thoroughly dry the carpet. This is done with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wet Towel and Iron. Another way to gradually dampen the carpet is to lay a wet towel on top of it. Dampen a towel, wring it out thoroughly and place it on the marks left by the furniture. Before laying, make sure that the fabric is not too wet – excess moisture will only damage. Then steam the damaged area with an iron. After completing the procedure, the towel should lie on the carpet for another hour or two so that the remaining water soaks the pile.
  • Steam Mop and Spoon. Steam the furniture mark and iron thoroughly with a spoon or similar metal object. The pile will return to its previous shape. Those who do not know how to straighten a dent on viscose carpet should be advised of this method.

All carpet cleaners use these above methods for carpet stretching.

How to Arrange Furniture on a Carpet

In order not to think about how best to remove dents on the carpet from furniture, use one of the three main placement methods:

  • Two legs. The most popular arrangement of sofas and beds, in which no more than half of its area goes onto the carpet. This creates the effect of combining interior items around the central element.
  • Four legs. It is used when the carpet occupies almost 100% of the area of ​​the room. In this case, the furniture is arranged in no particular order. Typically, this placement assumes a 40-centimetre indent of the edge of the carpet from the walls.
  • Zero legs. A way that won’t leave any marks on furniture and guaranteed to preserve your carpet.

Can Rug Dents be Avoided?

You can avoid crushing the pile and preserve the original appearance of a long-pile carpet with furniture with thin legs. It does not leave noticeable marks in the pile. In ideal conditions, it is worth using the “zero legs” method.

Hire Professionals for Carpet Stretching

These are few tips to avoid carpet dents but if these methods didn’t work then you can hire professionals for carpet restretching services. They have better equipment than you have & obviously much more experience also. So, for better results you have any professionals cleaning company for desired results.