You know the saying, why are you afraid, you can’t escape. At some point you will still stain the carpet with red wine or ice cream. It can happen to anyone, but if it happens to you, you need to know what to do so you don’t have to replace the fluffy carpet you liked so much.

In order to keep your carpets like us longer, you need to know how to maintain them, how to vacuum them and how to keep them from fading. Do not hesitate to take them to the laundry when necessary, but as long as it is not about large carpets or difficult stains, it can often be faster and more efficient to clean them at home.

We will tell you how to do this correctly, depending on the material of the carpet, in the following lines, but first we will review some general tips.

Recommendations for carpet maintenance

  • After purchasing a rug, keep its care label. It tells you what it is made of (wool, leather, silk, viscose, jute, polypropylene or other natural or synthetic fibers) and what is the density of the fibers, details that will be extremely useful when you have to clean the carpet.
  • Modern vacuum cleaners are very efficient, but the higher suction power can sometimes translate into aggressive cleaning of carpets. If you notice a lot of fibers ripped from the carpet in the vacuum cleaner collection container, adjust the vacuum cleaner settings.
  • Do not vacuum the tassels or fringes of carpets, because they will fall apart.
  • Stains are never removed by rubbing, but should be swabbed immediately with a clean, white cloth. This way the stains will not stick to the fabric and will later be easier to remove.  

How To Clean Each Type Of Carpet

Carpets With Tufts

  • Tufted carpets should be vacuumed in the direction of the fibers, without using the brush nozzle.
  • Fresh stains should be swabbed with a clean, white, dry napkin. To remove them you can use a solution of cold water mixed with a little detergent that acts gently.
  • Old stains are difficult to remove at home. Do not try to use cleaning solutions as you risk damaging the carpet.

Synthetic Fiber Carpets

  • Check the care label before washing a synthetic fiber rug and make sure you have an airy space to put it to dry, preferably in the sun. As it dries, it must lie flat, not hanging on the clothesline, so as not to change its shape.
  • For washing, you can use a water solution with mild detergent that you can apply on the entire surface of the carpet and then rinse it very well.

Natural Fiber Carpets

  • Do you know why it sometimes looks like a new tuft is sprouting from your carpet? In English there is even a name for this very common phenomenon, ” rug sprouting” (carpet sprouting). What’s really going on? The wool threads are untied from the knot and rise above the carpet. Under no circumstances should you pull them out, because you risk breaking the carpet. The solution is to cut the hairs higher until they have the same height as the others, then vacuum the area.
  • If you spill liquid on the carpet, dab the stain with a clean white napkin from the edges inwards so that it does not stick to the fibers, then take it to the laundry.

Shaggy Rugs

  • Long-threaded carpets are more difficult to clean than short-threaded carpets. Dirt particles get stuck between the fibers and often the vacuum cleaner is not enough to remove them.
  • If it is small, the shaggy carpet can be shaken on the window. Otherwise, before vacuuming, turn it upside down and pat it lightly so as to dislodge the dirt particles.
  • To remove stains or for annual cleaning, it is preferable to take them to a professional laundry.

Oriental Rugs

  • Handmade oriental rugs must be carefully maintained to maintain their appearance for a long time. Even a vacuum that is too strong can damage them, so you can try the following trick: cover the carpet with a small-mesh nylon net and vacuum it. In this way, the carpet will be protected while the dust particles will be removed.
  • Stains of sauces and other liquid foods can be removed by sprinkling baking soda on them. Leave it on for a few hours and remove it either with a soft brush or with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wine stains and other beverages can be removed with mineral water, not before dabbing them with a dry napkin. Then pour a little mineral water on the stain and dab, repeating the process until the carpet looks flawless. Difficult stains are, however, a very good reason to take the oriental rug to the dry cleaner’s.
  • If you have placed an oriental rug in front of the window or in the sun, don’t forget to rotate it once every few months, in order to keep its colors even.

Remember that you should never rub a stain on the carpet or use commercial cleaning solutions at random. Use water solutions with detergent or vinegar, baking soda and mineral water, and if the stains become stubborn, take the carpet to a professional dry cleaner who uses, preferably, biodegradable ecological detergents.